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    Some people's mental health support needs are met in a hospital outpatient setting. However, due to a range of factors including the models of care employed by the hospital or the type of intervention provided,  sometimes the patient is required to be admitted briefly for the day that they receive this care. This is referred to as, same day admitted mental health care. Importantly, it should be noted that models of care differ between the states and territories, and between public and private hospitals which has an impact on the reported volume of same day admitted care, and the inclusion/omission of some types of care.

    In order to provide the most comprehensive view of same day admitted care, two different data sources are used for public and private hospitals (described in detail in each section below). It is important to note that some activity reported as same day admitted care by private hospitals may not require an admission in the public hospital setting, and would instead be reported as Community mental health care. Therefore, comparisons of the volume of care provided by public and private hospitals described in this section cannot be made.


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    • 18,585 patients received same day admitted mental health care from private hospitals in 2015-16 
    • 242,563 days of same day care were provided by private hospitals 

    Data in this section were last updated in October 2017.



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