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  • The mental health-related resources section of this website describes what services are provided, by whom and how much is spent on those services.

    Mental health-related prescriptions 

    Information is presented on mental health-related prescriptions that are subsidised by the Australian Government through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and the Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (RPBS) from Medicare records. Data is also presented in this section from the Drug Utilisation Sub-Committee database for subsidised and non-subsidised mental health-related prescriptions.


    Specialised mental health care facilities 

     The Specialised mental health care facilities section provides information on the number of available beds, patient days and the number of staff employed to deliver specialised mental health care in public and private psychiatric hospitals, psychiatric units in public acute hospitals, community mental health care services and government and non-government operated residential mental health services.


    Mental health workforce 

     Information is presented in the Workforce section that describes the characteristics of psychiatrists and nurses specialising in mental health care. Work is currently ongoing to provide information on the community-managed mental health workforce. 


    Expenditure on mental health services

    The Expenditure section includes comprehensive information on recurrent expenditure for state and territory specialised mental health facilities, private psychiatric hospitals and Australian Government expenditure on Medicare-subsidised mental health-related services, subsidised mental health-related prescriptions and other mental health-related services. Source of funding information is also provided in this section.


    What's new

    Recently updated facilities tables (2.6MB XLS) now include historical data from the National Mental Health Report series (DoHA 2010). For some measure, data is available from 1992–93.