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  • The mental health-related indicators section of Mental health services in Australia describes 2 overarching sets of indicators. These provide a measure of performance and progress in the delivery of services across the mental health sector.  

    Key Performance Indicators for Australian Public Mental Health Services

    Australian Governments have worked collaboratively to improve the collection and use of mental health service information. This has included the development of the National Health Performance Framework and an initial set of Mental Health Services Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (first published in 2005). The KPIs for Australian Mental Health Services have been developed to improve accountability and transparency at the Mental Health Service Organisation (MHSO) level. Thirteen of the 15 KPIs are reported on in the Key Performance Indicators for Australian Public Mental Health Services section.

    National Healthcare Agreement indicators

    The National Healthcare Agreement (NHA), agreed by the Council of Australian Government in 2008 and updated in August 2011, provides for an integrated approach to improving health outcomes for Australians and the sustainability of the health system. The Agreement defines the objectives, outcomes, outputs and performance measures, and clarifies the roles and responsibilities that guide the Commonwealth and States and Territories in delivery of services across the health sector. Mental health specific indicators have been developed as part of this agreement that measure and report progress of these indicators publicly. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare prepares NHA indicators 17 and 25 and these are included in the National Healthcare Agreement indicators section.